Stressed in Paris

Stressed in Paris

My wife left for a week in Paris with her cousin Friday night.

It's me home alone with the boys for a week as I write this to you.

I know, you're reading the title and thinking to yourself, how can you be stressed in Paris, you idiot, it's the City of Love.

For that, my friends, we'll have to go back in time.

You've been following along, so not much of this will be a surprise to you:

  • In November, we bought a new townhouse to downsize into
  • I resigned from my job in December and expected I'd work to June
  • We planned on selling our house in the spring once the sun broke out and interest rates dropped

The Sane Path

A sane person would have done this:

  1. Sell their house
  2. Buy their new house
  3. Get a mortgage on the new place
  4. Once approved and moved in, quit your job

Take a step back and look at the order I did it in.

Pretty much, I did the whole thing Ass Backwards, and left us in the lurch.

You may be asking, why the lurch.

Well, once I resigned, work decided they wouldn't need me through June, which meant my income was cut overnight.

What goes with your income is the ability to get a mortgage.

So, now my wife is sitting there looking at me like the biggest dummy in the world, saying

Let me get this straight. You convinced me to buy a townhouse, quit your job and now we have no income, can't get a mortgage and haven't sold our house...WTF

She Wasn't Wrong.

But, I was able to offer sage words of advice, it will all work out.

I know, you're reading that line and you're onside with her - there's no f*cking way I should give her that answer. ZERO.

The Law of AttrACTION

I've written about the combination of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action before and talked about it here on YouTube - give the channel a subscribe, drop a comment and like it to help grow the channel [I'm supposed to say that, right].

Okay, so how does that make my insanity sane?

Well, it doesn't, but it does - hear me out.

I have been building on social media for a while now and knew it was time to take the next steps in my career and entrepreneurial journey while I was 45. In July 2023, while I was still 44, I wrote this and shared it into the world (Manifestation):

That was the Attraction.

I'd already been taking action for 24 years, and for Mission 2040, I'd been laying the groundwork on social media for two years.

Within two months, three things happened - I:

  1. Was accepted into a Psychology PhD program
  2. Started having conversations with someone about a real estate development partnership
  3. Was entertaining conversations with someone about a CFO / Partnership opportunity in Private Equity

I'll say this to you over and over again:

  1. Put it out into the world
  2. Go out and get it

That's it: Attract and then ACT

Okay, so let's break down the things that scared my wife and had her stressed, while I said it will all work out.

We bought a new house

Here's the challenge

There are very few townhomes in the city that match what we need:

  1. Four bedrooms
  2. Spacious living area
  3. Extra indoor-outdoor space

More than that, most townhomes are 15' wide, it's a different style of living. We did it for most of our lives. I didn't want to do it again and I promise, I looked at hundreds.

We found a developer that did 20' wide townhomes.

It was in the most central part of our city.

Lots of indoor-outdoor space - A LOT.

Four bedrooms and spacious living.

It ticked every single box and there was only one home left, so we bought it. We had to.

My Resignation

It was time.

I'd started to build businesses.

I was continuing to pour into social media.

And, by day, I was still the CFO of a large team while trying to be a father and husband.

It wasn't sustainable.

The right thing to do was step away.

Sure, it didn't work exactly how I wanted it to, but it gave me time to build, and I used that time well.

Even more, I had faith in myself.

I haven't even announced I'll provide fractional CFO services and I've lined up a few opportunities, which could book me fully for two years while I build our businesses.

The Mortgage

I was reasonably certain, and wasn't wrong, that someone would provide us a mortgage based on our net worth and liquid assets.

The Finale

So, she was scheduled to leave for Paris on Friday and had been stressed for months. What changed?

Last Thursday, we sold our home, check

Yesterday, we had our mortgage approved, check

I've had conversations about job opportunities, check

So, I messaged her yesterday and said,

TGG Podcast

In this week's episode of the Growth Guide Podcast, I talk about Imposter Syndrome, a feeling that affects both high achievers and everyday individuals.

You don’t want to be a member of the Imposter Syndrome club, but the odds are you’re in it.

Statistics show that 30% of high-achievers deal with it, while 70% of adults experience it at some point.

In this episode, I talk about how to overcome Imposter Syndrome, including:

  • Talk about it
  • Acknowledge it
  • Practice self-care
  • Reframe your mind
  • Embrace the journey
  • Assess the evidence
  • Celebrate your success

To hear more on Imposter Syndrome: Listen on Apple and Spotify or watch on YouTube:

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